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Early Access Game

Note: This Early Access game is not complete and may or may not change further. If you are not excited to play this game in its current state, then you should wait to see if the game progresses further in development. Learn more

What the developers have to say:

Why Early Access?

“We're doing Early Access because it allows us to build our game in a live community and work towards becoming better developers each day. We’d like to provide a very competitive environment that revolves around community tools and integrations. We’ll focus on gameplay first to ensure a smooth and lag free experience before worrying about visuals. We also feel it’s important for our community to help guide the direction of development and collaborate with us on new features or map packs.”

Approximately how long will this game be in Early Access?

“This game will be in Early Access for roughly 6-12 months. There are no plans for an official release until there are at least 7-10 maps that cover a wide range of environments and game modes.”

How is the full version planned to differ from the Early Access version?

“The completed game will include at least 7-10 maps developed over the course of Early Access. It will have professional animations, high quality characters, and detailed customization options. There will be immersive sounds and improved visual effects that are increased over time so performance is never compromised. There’s also plans for a robust set of community tools and integrations. This will include detailed stats and rankings along with a competitive matchmaking system.”

What is the current state of the Early Access version?

“The current version is just an alpha build and has a long way to go. There’s a very simple interface and most animations are placeholder. We provide dedicated servers with reliable gameplay and include full workshop support. Modders can build, upload, and play custom maps on dedicated servers all completely in-game without any third-party services. We have in-game voice communication along with many essential video and audio settings needed in a competitive shooter. There’s also a comprehensive set of key binding options including full controller support and the ability to create controller-only rooms.”

Will the game be priced differently during and after Early Access?

“We plan to gradually raise the price as new content is developed. We feel it’s important to grow our community and want to provide a low barrier to entry. We don’t want to drive away potential players by overpricing our game or not supporting their platform. We’re focused on building a game with longevity that gamers can really dedicate themselves to without worrying about it being phased out for another project the next year.”

How are you planning on involving the Community in your development process?

“There will be occasional podcasts on Twitch to engage our community and keep them up-to-date with recent news and announcements. We’ll also have a robust set of community tools and integrations that let players know what we’re working on and how they can provide feedback on new features and map packs.”
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Task Force has been in development for a little over a year without any funding. Most assets are placeholder and everything you see so far was created with just a few thousand dollars. If you can help fund our game we can make this vision a reality!

We're a small team of just three developers (for now). We do this because we're extremely passionate about tactical third-person shooters. We're gamers just like you. We actually play our game every day and are always making improvements.
Unlike other funding campaigns we want to give you instant access to a demo build of Task Force to show our appreciation for backing our development. After donating you'll receive a tester key so you can try out the current build of our training map. You can test the movement and shooting to get a solid feel for the game and see how everything runs on your current hardware so far.

Early Access keys will not be provided until the game is for sale on Steam. As a backer you'll receive a temporary testing key that expires when the game is released.

We can only provide testing servers in North America until further notice. We also can only offer support and setup in English at this time.

You'll also receive access to our private development forums where you can provide feedback or get support with any technical issues you're experiencing. We'll have frequent multiplayer testing sessions so you can help debug the game and prepare for our early access release. Even if you aren't familiar with PC gaming our passionate community will be happy to help every step of the way so you can get in the game!

Bronze Package


  • 1 early access key
  • 3/20 exclusive weapon skins
  • 1/6 exclusive character skins (3+ pieces)
  • bronze backer badge

Silver Package


  • 1 early access key
  • 9/20 exclusive weapon skins
  • 3/6 exclusive character skins (5+ pieces)
  • silver backer badge
  • 3/8 exclusive taunts
  • priority server access (during alpha testing)

Gold Package


  • 1 early access key
  • 15/20 exclusive weapon skins
  • 4/6 exclusive character skins (5+ pieces)
  • gold backer badge
  • 5/8 exclusive taunts
  • priority server access (during alpha testing)
  • lifetime competitive season pass

After enough players are setup with testing we'll shift our focus to debugging competitive systems. That means you'll have the ability to create your own clan and participate in clan wars and tournaments. There will
also be occasional podcasts on Twitch to keep our community updated on the latest developments.

These backer rewards are 100% exclusive to this funding campaign. They will not be obtainable after the campaign has completed. The character customization system breaks skins up into various interchangable pieces. These character skins are provided as a "skin set" which can be used with other pieces from existing skins. Therefore receiving 1 character skin doesn't limit you to having just a single skin, but rather gives you a bunch of different exclusive pieces.

Platinum Package


  • 1 early access key
  • all 20 exclusive weapon skins
  • all 6 exclusive character skins (7+ pieces)
  • platinum backer badge
  • all 8 exclusive taunts
  • priority server access (during alpha testing)
  • lifetime competitive season pass
  • name in credits
  • get your signature/avatar somewhere in an official map

Clan Package


  • 8 early access keys
  • all 20 exclusive weapon skins
  • all 6 exclusive character skins (7+ pieces)
  • platinum backer badges
  • all 8 exclusive taunts
  • priority server access (during alpha testing)
  • lifetime competitive season passes
  • names in credits
  • get your clan logo somewhere in an official map
  • priority clan tag reservation
  • create your own server (during alpha testing) ***limited availability***

There is a limit of 1 testing key per individual. You are not allowed to have multiple testing keys or hold on to testing keys for a later date. You will be required to activate your testing key immediately after receiving it.

The characters displayed on this page are placeholder and for demonstration purposes only. They do not represent the skins we plan to develop for our backer rewards. These perks will be provided upon release of the game or shortly after release of the game depending on time constraints. The skins will be randomly selected for each individual and higher tiers will be weighted to unlock skins that are more rare and harder to obtain.

Please note that the clan package is the only tier you cannot upgrade to. It contains 8 early access keys and 1+7 testing keys. The early access keys are provided when the game is released and can be activated by anyone at any time. However you must register your teammates before the end of the funding campaign in order to obtain their testing keys.

Founder Packages

Are you looking for a higher donation tier? Would you like to have your face in the game?
If you're a platinum backer ask about our founder packages!
We receive donations via PayPal which accepts all major credit cards. You do not need to create a PayPal account to donate. They will ask for an email if you don't have an account. Do not put the wrong email in PayPal or we cannot process your donation and send a confirmation link!

If you've previously donated (from the same email address) towards the development of Task Force then subtract the total amount you've already donated from your donation tier. Note that you must meet the $25 minimum to receive a confirmation email.
This Steam Early Access game is currently not a finished game and may or may not
change significantly over the course of development. To learn more about Steam
Early Access, please visit