When is the release date? What platforms will be supported?

Task Force will launch on Steam in Early 2019. There is no exact date at this time but we're working as quickly as possible towards a release in Q2 2019. Task Force is also currently in development for Xbox One.

Please understand that while Mac and Linux support is planned it may take some time for these builds to be stable due to engine limitations. We'll do our best to provide a solid experience on these platforms, but many new features in the engine are still experimental on Mac and Linux.

What are the system requirements?

Task Force requires Windows 7 (64-bit) or higher and a graphics card with DirectX 11 support. It is recommended to have at least 8 GB of RAM and a graphics card with 1 GB or more of memory for smooth gameplay. There should be at least 25 GB of free disk space prior to installation.

Mac users will require macOS 10.12.6 Sierra or higher along with a graphics card that has OpenGL 4.1 support.

What kind of performance is expected?

A wide array of graphics cards were tested during alpha testing. However these numbers may not be reflective of the performance you achieve on your system. With that being said a majority of our testers on gaming rigs always stayed above 100 frames while on the highest settings. For instance the GTX 970 achieved around 125 FPS on average with high settings. The GTX 980 Ti was around 150 FPS on average and the GTX 1080 Ti was able to achieve well over 200 FPS most of the time using the highest settings.

What server regions will be available?

Task Force will support server locations around the world based on regional demand. There will be many dedicated servers throughout North America and Europe when the game is released. It will include translations in Spanish and French along with other languages in future updates.

We also have a robust infrastructure that allows players to create their own servers at various datacenters around the world. These include locations in the UK, France, Germany, Canada, Australia, Brazil, Japan, Korea, India and more! You can see an initial list of these server options on the "CREATE YOUR OWN SERVER" page.

Are there any plans for a single player campaign?

There are no plans for a single player campaign. We're a small indie company and our focus at this time is exclusively on competitive multiplayer. However we do plan to release coop missions at a later date. Those require smart and engaging bots which we're in the process of developing for multiplayer purposes. But a single player campaign would require a significant amount of resources that we simply don't have right now.

Can I build custom maps for this game?

Yes, you can build custom maps in the UE4 editor and upload them to the Steam Workshop. An EXAMPLE project is provided on GitHub that includes everything you need to get started. To use this EXAMPLE project you must download the engine at unrealengine.com and accept the engine licensee agreement. Once these maps are uploaded you can add them to your map list when creating your own server in-game!

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